Definitions for "Bundles"
Keywords:  twig, tamarack, fascicle, larch, stubby
On trees that have needles for leaves, it is possible that they grow in groups that grow out of the same location on the branch or twig.
Members of pine family (not other evergreens!) have groups of needles held together at the base by a small papery wrap called a "fascicle." In Michigan, white pine has five needles per bundle, and other pine species have two. Tamarack and larch appear to have many needles in bundles, but they are really clusters of needles at the end of short stubby twig.
Bundles is a 1975 album by the British psychedelic, progressive rock and jazz/fusion band Soft Machine who were one of the central bands in the Canterbury scene.
Keywords:  hog, sheep, yards, flushed, ready
A measured unit of casings ready for sale in salted, pre-flushed, or tubed form; bundles will be either hog casings or sheep casings consisting of 91 meters (100 yards). Bundles can also refer to a customer-defined specification.
Keywords:  expedite, hedges, swap, trader, packs
Are variations of strip trades whereby a trader or risk manager can place a series of calendar month contracts in one transaction. Packs can be bought or sold. They are quoted in quarter basis points from the previous settlement price. These transactions expedite credit market positions and swap hedges and adjustments. One can also trade bundles on a forward basis comparable to other money and credit market instruments.
A collection of filesets that are encapsulated for a specific purpose. By specifying a bundle, all filesets under that bundle are automatically included in the operation.
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Term associated with practice of packaging NPS 1 1/2" and smaller pipe. Pieces per bundle vary depending upon size.
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bundles of cables.
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grouped product.