Definitions for "focusing"
Keywords:  sharp, lens, sharply, diopter, plane
the act of bringing into focus.
Adjusting the position of the lens elements to bring the image into focus, i.e. so that it is clear and sharp.
The process of adjusting the direction and beam size of lanterns. Does not necessarily result in a "sharply focused" image.
The most powerful and elaborate cooperative spell ever cast in the history of the world. This ceremony was conceived by the Alliance Mage Lord Alrem Evarel. It was intended to convert Drellikarian static into a useable form of energy to power mages and their spells but instead resulted in the Sundering.
Invented by Dr. Gendlin, involves becoming aware of the body consciousness communicating (the 'felt sense') to release held traumatic material.
This self-help tool is based on the premise that information about one's life issues can be accessed through so-called felt senses in the body. This skill can be used either alone or in partnership with someone else for resolving day-to-day issues, negotiating profound changes and fostering spiritual development.
Focusing is a process that leads individuals toward accessing and communicating with visceral/somatic forms of knowledge and awareness.
The technique of invoking multiple generic rules to apply to a particular item or set of items. foreground-color color attribute: A color attribute for a workspace. For the items on a workspace, the workspace's foreground-color can determine the color value of color attributes for items with system-defined default settings.
The adjustment of an optical instrument to allow the user to see the image clearly. A wide range is required since the instrument will be used at many different ranges, different users will have different focusing depths.
The process or system that keeps the optical pickup laser accurately focused on the recording layer of the disk.
the concentration of attention or energy on something.
Concentration or convergence of energy into a small beam.