Definitions for "Bronchial"
Belonging to the bronchi and their ramifications in the lungs.
An herb or substance which relaxes constricting spasms and opens the bronchi or upper part of the lungs, thus improving respiration.
Relating to the air passages from the throat to the lungs.
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Lacrimal Snoring
Handwashing Rehydration Homologous Riboflavin
Infiltration Recombinant Inflammation Reconstitution
Inflammation Senna
Inflammation Rheumatology
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Interleukins Quaternary
Intestinal Intravascular Quinolones
Intestinal Receptor
Intravenous Radiolabeled
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Insomnia Saline
Induction Infantile Sanitation
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Pertaining to the bronchus (plural: bronchi), affecting the bronchi.
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relating to or associated with the bronchi; "bronchial tubes"; "bronchial pneumonia"
(bron-kee-ul) tubes - airways in a persons chest.