Definitions for "BPD"
BRONCHO PULMONARY DYSPLASIA. A disorder of the lung, which may have come about because the baby has been on a ventilator for a long time. When this happens, the baby needs more oxygen and may have difficulty breathing, which can take some time to improve.
(Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia) Scarring and chronic injury in a preemie’s lungs. BPD is caused by mechanical ventilation and supplemental oxygen.
These initials stand for bronchopulmonary dysplasia.
Borderline Personality Disorder
a situation wherea person experiences a repetitive pattern of disorganization and instability in self-image, mood, behavior and close personal relationships. This can cause significant distress or impairment in friendships and work. A person with this disorder can often be bright and intelligent, and appear warm, friendly and competent. They sometimes can maintain this appearance for a number of years until their defense structure crumbles, usually around a stressful situation like the breakup of a romantic relationship or the death of a parent.
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Bank Pembangunan Daerah
acronym for arietal iameter, measurement between the 2 sides of the head, used in clinical ultrasound measurements after 13 weeks. (More? Ultrasound Movies)
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Barrel(s) per day
Barrels Per Day.
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Brokerage house.
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Business Process Diagram
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Bureau of the Public Debt
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business process design