Definitions for "NEMA"
ACRONYM - National Electrical Manufacturers Association. ( 099)
National Electrical Manufacturers Association. An industry association which standardizes specifications for wires, cables and electrical components.
National Electrical Manufacture's Association.
In the history of cryptography, the NEMA (NEue MAschine) ("new machine"), also designated the T-D (Tasten-Druecker-Maschine) ("key-stroke machine"), was a 10-wheel rotor machine designed by the Swiss Army during World War II as a replacement for their Enigma machines.
4/12/13 NEMA Standard 250-1997 lists ten different enclosure requirements, of which 4, 12 and 13 are three of them, and are the most common. Roughly, NEMA-4 is for hose-down environments, while NEMA-12 and NEMA-13 do not have to handle hose-down, but do have to handle oil seepage (12) and oil spraying (13). The standard includes test methodologies.
This organization sets standards for some non-electronic products like junction boxes.
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An organization for promoting harmony and agreement within the industry, and deciding on the designation of new products.
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