Definitions for "Junction"
The act of joining, or the state of being joined; union; combination; coalition; as, the junction of two armies or detachments; the junction of paths.
(1) The connection between two or more conductors. (2) The contact between two dissimilar metals or materials, as in a thermocouple.
the state of being joined together
The plane in a semiconductor device where two layers that have opposing-polarity dopants physically meet. (see "kilo")
The outer edge of a passivation step that delineates the boundary between "P" and "N" type semiconductor material.
DIY, Electronics: The region separating two layers in a semiconductor material.
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a branch into the non-CDS part of the DCE namespace
a point in the DCE namespace that contains binding information that enables a client to connect to a service outside of CDS
A name in one namespace bound to a context in the next naming system.
usually a railroad intersection, but sometimes used for any route crossing or intersection; occurring, but not frequent placename in Tennessee.
A location designated by the Timetable where two or more railroad lines converge.
A location where train routes converge and diverge.
An HTTP or HTTPS connection between a front-end WebSEAL server and a back-end Web application server. Junctions logically combine the Web space of the back-end server with the Web space of the WebSEAL server, resulting in a unified view of the entire Web object space. A junction allows WebSEAL to provide protective services on behalf of the back-end server. WebSEAL performs authentication and authorization checks on all requests for resources before passing those requests across a junction to the back-end server. Junctions also allow a variety of single sign-on solutions between a client and the junctioned back-end application.
a logical connection created to establish a path from the WebSEAL server to another server
A logical connection that is created to establish a path from one server to another.
The place or point of union, meeting, or junction; specifically, the place where two or more lines of railway meet or cross.
Point in a Maze where a passage branches or forks, i.e. where three passages meet. Can also mean a general point where three or more passages meet.
a link that attaches the supplied file to a point in this file system, making it look like part of the file system
An association between two Cells that permits activation to be propagated from one to the other though they may reside in different cell sets. Junctions are typically used to propagate excitation from the atrial myocardium to the His tree, from there to the Purkinje layers, and from there to the ventricular myocardium.
important junction between the esophagus and the stomach that normally permits one-way ingestion to the stomach
a single scalar value that can act like two or more values at once
a single value that is equivalent to multiple values
a superposition of data values pretending to be a single data value
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an atomic name that is bound to an NNSP
A purpose made or preformed junction built into the sewer during construction.
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a good place to get out your map and trail description to confirm where you are and which direction to take
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The junction is the back and forth movement of the hot wire, so as to be able to cut out all the outlines.
A binding in one naming system whose reference identifies a context in another naming system.
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see pn junction.