Definitions for "bonding"
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A continuous filament finishing process which coats fibers with resin, giving thread better ply security, abrasion resistance, and heat resistance.
The process of attaching brackets to your teeth.
Dental bonding can repair chips and cracks in teeth, and cover areas of discoloration. During the procedure a composite resin is applied to the tooth, layer-by-layer, and dried and hardened with a laser. The dentist will smooth and polish the bonded material once it has set.
An abbreviation of "Bandwidth ON Demand Interoperability Group"; a specific set of methods of inverse multiplexing.
Industry standard ISDN B channel aggregation protocol used to create one large data pipe from inverse multiplexing smaller connections together. Developed by the Bandwidth on Demand Interoperability Group.
A technique for turning seperate ISND B channels into a higher bandwidth aggregate serial channel.
the process of fastening firmly together.
The process of joining two substrates to make a DVD disc. The bonding process can be hot melt (for DVD-5 and DVD-10) or UV bonding (for DVD-9 where the bonding layer needs to be optically transparent). UV bonding is the more normal technology used for all DVD discs.
1.) In the books, the magical joining of a Warder to an Aes Sedai as companion and protector. 2.) In some online WoT communities, a mark of friendship or alliance between two members. This Bonding can be very serious, as between "real-life" couples, or merely a silly form of fun between friends.
Two Bluetooth devices are bonded when they have created, exchanged and stored a common Link Key.
The creation of a semi-permanant (or permanent) relationship between two devices. The relationship is established when the user enters a passkey with the explicit purpose of creating a bond between two devices. This procedure is different from authenticating using a passkey in which the user is requested to enter a passkey during the establishment of a link.
To enable Bluetooth communication between two Bluetooth Module devices, they must be identified. This process is referred to as "bonding", which is necessary to prevent access from unauthorized Bluetooth compatible devices. A common Passkey is used to bond the devices.
The attachment between parents and baby that forms the foundation of the parent-child relationships.
The feelings parents have for their children.
a close personal relationship that forms between people (as between husband and wife or parent and child)
(i) The binding of a person under Bond eg Fidelity Bond. (ii) The method of laying bricks whereby the overlapping or bond is provided for by arranging the bricks as that in any one course there shall be none of the vertical joints directly over the vertical joints in the course next underneath. The type most commonly used in Australia is stretcher bond, which comprises bricks placed with their lengths in the direction of the length of the wall.
The Employee Retirement Income Security Act(ERISA) requires trustees of welfare benefit plans (unless they are unfunded) to be covered by a fidelity bond to protect plan assets from fraud and dishonesty.
The process of carefully checking an employee's background and insuring the company against theft by that person.
The process of connecting wires from the package leads to the chip or bonding pads
The process of applying just the right amount of heat to the fibers to lightly melt them to one another. Usually, bonding occurs between two large steel rolls (a calender stack), similar to the wringer on an old fashioned washing machine, which also put a pattern on the surface of the fabric.
Although bonding could be referred to as the sexual act of the Vigroth Cordmates, it is much more than that. Metaphysical in nature due to the oneness of their sharing and the abilities they learn in mastering their physical bodies, bonding is an experience that transcends the act of simple human sexuality. The bond can be completed between only two people, but it is usually experienced by the entire Cord as a whole. The more people involved, the stronger the spiritual link of the bond and the greater the physical and emotional climax of the participants. Only the Vigroth can partake in the bond and only within their own Cord.
A bond is an amount of money which secures a contractor's license with a certified governmental agency. A bond can be used to pay unpaid bills held by the contractor, or as a guarantee or contingency that a project will be completed as planned.
An amount of money (usually $5,000-$10,000) which must be on deposit with a governmental agency in order to secure a contractor's license. The bond may be used to pay for the unpaid bills or disputed work of the contractor. Not to be confused with a performance bond. They are an insurance policy which guarantees proper completion of a project. Such bonds are rarely used in residential construction.
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Ancient ritual by which the English team ethic is formed. Refined over the centuries, it generally involves spending £5,000 on Louis Roederer Cristal and then all having sex with the same woman.
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A term used to describe the simple act of gluing a hair piece onto the scalp.
Any activity, action or behavior that helps establish or maintain a relationship.
A stage of relational development in which the partners make symbolic public gestures to show that their relationship exists.
This is a binding agreement by which a developer would bind himself to pay monies if certain works are not carried out as part of a development. For example, a bond could be required to ensure completion of a housing estate prior to the estate being taken in charge by the Council.
A liquid coating that increases abrasion resistance and prevents water absorption.
The unity of two people whose identities are significantly affected by their mutual interactions.
Purchase of a guarantee of protection for a supplier or a customer; certain bonding programs being mandatory in the travel industry.
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A German Student Organisation co-operating with BEST. See for details.
This refers to a program by the state for insuring state employees work against loss; bonding of employees often involves those responsible for funds, fees, cash collections or inventory control, etc.