Definitions for "Bond Strength"
Physical Properties and Testing Force required to bring an adhesive joint to the point of failure with failure occurring in, or near, the plane of the bond line.
Strength of adhesion between two joined materials. Syn: peel strength.
The mechanical interlock or chemical bonding capacity of an adhesive to both the insert and the base material.
Property of a foundry sand to offer resistance to deformation.
a property of foundry sand that offers resistance of foundry sand to deformation. See Foundry Sand.
Keywords:  psi, tile, pounds, grout, bed
The ability of the bond between the tile and setting bed to resist separation.
The amount of force a bond can sustain. Measured in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI).
A bond coat's ability to resist separating from the tile and setting bed. Measured in pounds per square inch (psi).
Some measure of how difficult it is to break a chemical bond, for example, a bond energy or a bond enthalpy.