Definitions for "Peeling"
Keywords:  flakes, detach, adhesion, paint, grease
Surface scaling on the sheet of paper. Sometimes called scuffing.
having the paint loose and peeling away; "a dilapidated house with peeling paint"; "peeling row houses"
The failure of paint film to adhere to its substrate. Peeling results when contaminated surfaces are painted, when there is excessive difference between paint and surface polarity or thermal expansion, or when there is solvent incompatibility.
Removal of the corona radiata from the embryo by flushing the embryo through a syringe or pipette, or by microdissection using fine instruments. An embryo often must first be peeled before it is possible to determine whether fertilization and cleavage have occurred.
Keywords:  delamination
Keywords:  foam, cylinder, plywood, sheets, thin
The process whereby thin sheets of foam are cut from a cylinder of foam. Similar to plywood peeling.
Method of cutting thin sheets from a foam cylinder.
Removal of outermost layer of the cooking or ready to serve object.
separation of one or more layers of a coting
Keywords:  spinnaker, changing, another, one
Changing from one spinnaker to another.
Keywords:  blister, open
An open blister.
Keywords:  shedding, outer, scales, bits, coming
loss of bits of outer skin by peeling or shedding or coming off in scales
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Describes the action of a wave breaking at a constant speed along its length.