Definitions for "FLAKING"
detachment of a uniform layer of a coating or surface material, usually related to internal movement, lack of adhesion, or passage of moisture. View Glossary Photo Example
rough, peeling
Occurs when a coating loses its cohesion.
falling off piecemeal.
Some deposition films do not adhere properly to wafers being processed.  This results in their ‘flaking' off  which causes particulates (particles).
Whole pieces or layers of bat that chip off of a wood bat. This is mainly prevented by hitting with the label in the up or down position.
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See exfoliation.
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Shredding, but with short segments.
A woman either canceling plans, not returning your calls, or simply not being available to see you in person after you have gotten her number.
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laying out line on deck in parallel rows so the line will run free without tangling.
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Passing ground coffee between two flat rollers that squeeze coffee grounds into a flat shape.
The process of fracturing stone by the application of an external force.