Definitions for "Powdering"
A condition where a fine dust occurs on the finished floor surface, often obvious when tracked onto adjacent carpeting. Often, powdering is due to dust settling out where construction or other sources of dust are present. Other times, powdering is indicative of a lack of floor finish (or sealer) adhesion, loss of plasticizing agents to the substrate or to cleaning solutions, or application while temperature or relative humidity is too low to allow proper film formation. The causes of lack of adhesion are numerous soap residues, insufficient stripping of old finish, applying finish too thinly.
Partial or total disintegration of the floor finish film resulting in fine, light-colored dust. It is the result of abrasion of the surface during burnishing or from heavy traffic. Be sure the floor pad being used is not too aggressive for the finish being used.
Partial or total disintegration of the polish film, resulting in a fine, light-colored material.
fashion of powdering wigs. Aka as poudrage and accommodage.
a. & n. from Powder, v. t.