Definitions for "Chalking"
Chalking refers to improper drying of ink. Pigments dust off because ink has been absorbed too rapidly into the paper.
A process by which finishes develop a loose powdery surface resulting from decomposition of the binder, principally through the action of ultraviolet rays.
The unsightly, powdery residue on the surface which is the result of the degradation of some plastics.
Crafters' chalk is developed to be softer than artist's chalk, and is photo safe. It is used for techniques like shading, colouring, aging, highlighting and creating watercolour effects. Chalks are available in a wide colour range and are a great accent to papercraft projects.
Applying chalks or pastels to paper, usually using cotton balls, cotton swabs, or make-up applicators. Chalks are used to shade or highlight areas of paper, and chalking is commonly used in conjuction with paper-tearing or embossing.
To apply chalk or pastels to paper. Sometimes used with templates, stencils, or stamping. I apply chalk or pastels with a cotton swab. Make up applicators work well too. It gives the color a subtle, grainy look. They come in every color you can think of and are usually found in art supply stores.
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The art of using chalks to enhance your scrapbook pages.
technique used to enhance your pages, embellishments, die cuts with chalk