Definitions for "Powder"
An explosive mixture used in gunnery, blasting, etc.; gunpowder. See Gunpowder.
A generic term describing any explosive.
Commonly used term for the propellant in a cartridge or shotshell.
The fine particles to which any dry substance is reduced by pounding, grinding, or triturating, or into which it falls by decay; dust.
To reduce to fine particles; to pound, grind, or rub into a powder; to comminute; to pulverize; to triturate.
Finely divided solid; particles are smaller than one millimeter in maximum dimension. It is metallic, ceramic or a polymer; these can be blended in infinite combinations. An important characteristic is the relatively high surface-to-volume ratio of the particles which exhibit behavior that is intermediate between that of a solid and a liquid. Powders will flow under gravity to fill containers or die cavities, so in this sense behave like liquids. They are compressible like gas. Powders are easily shaped, with the desirable behavior of a solid after processing.
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Powder is a 1995 film directed by Victor Salva, about an albino boy, nicknamed "Powder", with paranormal powers over electricity. It stars Sean Patrick Flanery in the title role, with Jeff Goldblum, Mary Steenburgen, Bradford Tatum, and Lance Henriksen in supporting roles. The film questions the limits of the human mind and body while also displaying their capacity for cruelty, and the hope that one day humanity will advance beyond technology.
Powder were a Britpop band who existed between 1994 and 1997 and released three singles on Parkway Records. Signed in late 1994 by well known music PR agents John Best and Phill Savidge, they were the first band on the label. Powder were fronted by Pearl Lowe, with songwriters Mark Thomas on guitar and Tim McTighe on bass.
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Product obtained by removing water from pasteurized skim milk. It usually contains 3 to 4 percent moisture and 1 percent milkfat. Powder is also called skimmed milk powder in international markets . Powder is often abbreviated “NDM” or “NFDM”, which stands for nonfat dry milk.
an unusual way of giving a drug but coumarin is lipid-soluble and so penetrates the skin even as a dry form
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To sprinkle with powder, or as with powder; to be sprinkle; as, to powder the hair.
To sprinkle with salt; to corn, as meat.
To be reduced to powder; to become like powder; as, some salts powder easily.
Concentrated glass color is available in powder form or can be ground by the worker. The powder can be placed on the marver or in a cup for pickup by rolling the very hot glass in it. The powder melts into the glass forming a very thin layer on the surface which may be gathered over for interior effects.
a medium melt viscosity thermoplastic copolyamide adhesive for the production of fusible interlinings
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a breakthough ingredient
a food supplement that has been used for hundreds of years in West Africa to eradicate asthmatic symptoms
any of various cosmetic or medical preparations dispensed in the form of a powder
A granule form of soap or detergent. Powders differ in size, density, and form as a result of their method of manufacture.
Powder won during the polishing process on the wheel, also used on the wheel for polishing diamonds.
Usually referring to diamond powder used for polishing diamonds or other materials.
To see powder in your dreams, denotes unscrupulous people are dealing with you. You may detect them through watchfulness.
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apply powder to; "She powdered her nose"; "The King wears a powdered wig"
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ground spice.
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To use powder on the hair or skin; as, she paints and powders.