Definitions for "Soot "
A black substance formed by combustion, or disengaged from fuel in the process of combustion, which rises in fine particles, and adheres to the sides of the chimney or pipe conveying the smoke; strictly, the fine powder, consisting chiefly of carbon, which colors smoke, and which is the result of imperfect combustion. See Smoke.
A black substance, mostly consisting of small particles of carbon, which can result from incomplete combustion and appear as smoke.
Carbon dust formed by incomplete combustion.
Soot is a Java optimization framework. It provides three intermediate representations for analyzing and transforming Java bytecode: baf, a streamlined representation of bytecode which is simple to manipulate; jimple, a typed 3-address intermediate representation suitable for optimization; and grimp, an aggregated version of Jimple suitable for decompilation and code inspection.
Free, only incidentally does decompilation. Last revised on 2006-03-16.
In computer science, Soot is a language manipulation and optimization framework consisting of intermediate languages for Java. It has been developed by the Sable Research Group at Mc Gill University known for its Sable VM, a Java virtual machine and the Aspect Bench Compiler, an open research compiler for Aspect J.
When a Braahman marries a Kshatriya woman, their children are called Soot. In olden days Soot men were allowed only to serve kings: for example Raajaa Shaantanu's Saarathee (charioteer) Adhirath was Soot, and thus Karn who was brought up by him was always called Soot Putra (son). Besides Sanjaya who was the Saarathee of Dhritraashtra was also a Soot Putra. Ugrashravaa was also a Soot. He was so much known as Soot that he got known as Soot only. Very few people knew his name. He was the son of Muni Romharshan.
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To cover or dress with soot; to smut with, or as with, soot; as, to soot land.
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coat with soot