Definitions for "Bituminous coal"
Keywords:  anthracite, coal, btu, lignite, coke
the most plentiful type of coal with intermediate BTU content and higher volatile and sulfur contents that anthracite coal but less than in sub-bituminous coal or brown coal (lignite).
Dull, black intermediate-rank coal formed at temperatures between 100° and 200°C.
The most common coal.‹ It is dense and black (often with well-defined bands of bright and full material).‹ Its moisture content usually is less than 20 percent.‹ It is used for generating electricity, making coke, and space heating.‹ Comprises five groups classified according to the following ASTM Specification D388-84, on a dry mineral-matter-free (mmf) basis for fixed-carbon and volatile matter and a moist mmf basis for calorific value.
Keywords:  tarry, smoky, hydrocarbons, flame, rich
rich in tarry hydrocarbons; burns readily with a smoky yellow flame