Definitions for "Coal tar"
A thick, black, tarry liquid, obtained by the distillation of bituminous coal in the manufacture of illuminating gas; used for making printer's ink, black varnish, etc. It is a complex mixture from which many substances have been obtained, especially hydrocarbons of the benzene or aromatic series.
Coal tar is a principal liquid product resulting from the carbonisation of coal, i.e. the heating of coal in the absence of air at temperatures ranging from about 900º to 1,200ºC (1,650º to 2,200ºF). Many commercially important compounds are derived from coal tar, such as dyestuffs and pigments.
A by-product of coal used in the treatment of some skin conditions, such as psoriasis.
is a traditional therapeutic ingredient with a distinctive smell, used to treat dandruff and other dry and flaking scalp conditions.