Definitions for "Naphthalene"
A white crystalline aromatic hydrocarbon, C10H8, analogous to benzene, and obtained by the distillation of certain bituminous materials, such as the heavy oil of coal tar. It is the type and basis of a large number of derivatives among organic compounds. Formerly called also naphthaline.
Essentially two benzene rings linked together, naphthalene is a solid material derived from coal tar. It is one of two chemicals commonly used to make mothballs. It is highly toxic and in some individuals, particularly those of dark skinned races, can produce a catastrophic breakdown of red blood cells, resulting in anemia or acute kidney failure. Listed as a priority water pollutant by EPA, it bioconcentrates in aquatic organisms.*Combustible. Eye and skin irritant. Can cause corneal damage and cataracts. Neurotoxic. Reproductive toxin: transported across the placenta and can cause blood damage. Used in some moth repellants and car waxes.
C10H8, aromatic hydrocarbon that is the most abundant component of coal tar.