Definitions for "Benzene"
A volatile, very inflammable liquid, C6H6, contained in the naphtha produced by the destructive distillation of coal, from which it is separated by fractional distillation. The name is sometimes applied also to the impure commercial product or benzole, and also, but rarely, to a similar mixed product of petroleum.
Benzene is a highly toxic substance and long exposure to it may cause leukemia. The presence of benzene in the atmosphere, such as from the combustion of unleaded fuel without a catalytic converter is a hazard to human health.
a common liquid hydrocarbon derived from coal tar and naphthenes used for a variety of industrial purposes; leukemogen.
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ND - 2,560 CREG 7/6/98 MCL
1.60 µg/m(0.5 J ppb) Portable Classroom #7 0.10 µg/m(0.03 ppb) CREG ATSDR 2000
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Biogenic theory
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Infiltration Rheumatoid