Definitions for "Hydrogen Sulfide"
A gaseous compound, H S, of sulfur and hydrogen commonly found in petroleum. which causes the foul smell of sour petroleum fractions. It is extremely poisonous and corrosive. See also hydrogen embrittlement.
a flammable, colorless gaseous compound of hydrogen and sulfur (H2S) , which in small amounts has the odor of rotten eggs. Sometimes found in petroleum, it causes the foul smell of petroleum fractions. In dangerous concentrations, it is extremely corrosive and poisonous, causing damage to skin, eyes, breathing passages, and lungs and attacking and paralyzing the nervous system, particularly that part controlling the lungs and heart. In large amounts, it deadens the sense of smell. Also called hepatic gas of sulfureted hydrogen.
An odorous gas sometimes found in sewer systems. Recognizable by a rotten egg odor. Chemical formula is H2S.