Definitions for "Toluene"
A hydrocarbon, C6H5.CH3, of the aromatic series, homologous with benzene, and obtained as a light mobile colorless liquid, by distilling tolu balsam, coal tar, etc.; -- called also methyl benzene, phenyl methane, etc.
Colorless liquid of the aromatic group of petroleum hydrocarbons, made by the catalytic reforming of petroleum naphthas containing methyl cyclohexane. A high-octane gasoline-blending agent, solvent, and chemical intermediate, and a base for TNT (explosive).
a toxic solvent used in nail polish, it is slowly being taken off the market because it can cause liver damage and may also cause cancer.
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7.54 µg/m(2.0 J ppb) Portable Classroom #7 1507.60 µg/m3 (400 ppb) Chronic EMEG ATSDR 2000
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Can cause cancer and nervous system damage.