Definitions for "Crystallization"
The act or process by which a substance in solidifying assumes the form and structure of a crystal, or becomes crystallized; the formation of crystals.
The body formed by crystallizing; as, silver on precipitation forms arborescent crystallizations.
The formation of crystalline solids from a gas or liquid, such as in the formation of crystalline minerals in magma.
The solidification of a compound associated with liquids and gases, as on metals effected with hydrochloric acid which creates a bond between the opposing charges.
The key process in the production of silicon ingots. For multicrystalline ingots the crystallization starts from the bottom of the crucible and proceeds towards the top as it is gradually cooled (directional solidification) under strict temperature and atmosphere control. In the production of monocrystalline ingots, a seed is lowered into the melt and subsequently pulled under strict control so as to form a growing monocrystal. dm2 Square decimeters, measurement typically used to quantify wafer production volumes.
a rock formed by the solidification of a substance; has regularly repeating internal structure; external plane faces
a mental synthesis that becomes fixed or concrete by a process resembling crystal formation
Crystallization is a concept, developed in 1822 by the French writer Stendhal, which describes the process, or mental metamorphosis, in which unattractive characteristics of a new love are transformed into perceptual diamonds of shimmering beauty; according to a quotation by Stendhal: I call 'crystallization' that action of the mind that discovers fresh perfections in its beloved at every turn of events. Stendhal Quotes Source:
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A condition of a dried ink film, which repels another ink printed on top of it.
A condition in which a dried ink film repels a subsequent ink or coating which must be printed on to it. This word has an entirely different meaning in chemistry.
The forming of crystals or to assume a crystal shape.
crys'ta li za'shan take on a definite form
Chilling waste to form crystals which are separated by gravity or filtration.
Process by which a polymer can form a geometrically regular (ordered) structure to produce a more stress resistant, dimensionally stable polymer that its non-crystalline counterpart.
the process in which some kinds of polymer chains go from random independent coils to alignment in a regular pattern; this occurs either when the temperature drops to a range particular to the polymer, or when the polymer is strained past a certain level (Natural Rubber and Neoprene are among the best known crystallizing polymers)
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Malabsorption Topical
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Malignancy Selenium
When certain materials obtain a characteristic which makes them symetrical in their chemical compostion. (See : ROCKS)
process by which matter becomes crystalline from a gaseous, fluid, or dispersed state
the process of fixing the locations of circle s in a circle packing by enlarging some of the circle s until they can no longer move.
That point in time where a contract or agreement triggers certain clauses in that contract. For example, when a bank appoints an Agent pursuant to its General Security Agreement, all the assets of the company in question, that are not secured by other creditors, are captured by that General Security Agreement.