Definitions for "NDM"
Nonfat Dry Milk. Dried skim milk containing no more than 1.5 percent fat and 5 percent moisture. Includes buttermilk powder but not whey powder.
Nonfat dry milk. The product obtained by removing water from pasteurized skim milk. It contains not more than 5 percent moisture and not more than 1.5 percent MF unless otherwise indicated. See dried milks.
See normal disconnected mode (NDM).
normal disconnected mode. A nonoperational mode of an unbalanced data link in which the secondary station is logically disconnected from the data link and, therefore, cannot transmit or receive information.
Defined by The Seattle Times Company as its core subscriber market, the NDM boundaries are South Everett to the north, King/Pierce county line to the south, Bainbridge Island to the west, and North Bend to the east.
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Non deductible meal. A meal provided for the cast and crew that is eaten during working hours and is not deducted as a lunch break from working hours. It is most often used for breakfasts when the scheduled catered lunch is more than six hours after the call time. By providing NDM meals, meal penalties can be avoided.
NDM (Network Data Mover) is a legacy file transfer product commonly employed to transfer files between mainframe computers, and Mid-Range Computers. NDM was renamed to Connect:Direct by its owner, Sterling Commerce. Traditionally, a dedicated private line (i.e. frame relay) between the parties involved in the file transfer is used.