Definitions for "Mover"
A special staticmesh that can be assigned keyframes within the editor and then assigned to move along a path determined by these keyframes when triggered by an event such as player collision, weapon fire, or a trigger. For more information on Movers, see the MoversTutorial.
A Mover is a process responsible for efficient data transfer between the encp process and a single, assigned media drive in a library (robot). The Mover receives instructions from a Library Manager (LM) on how to satisfy the users' requests. The Mover sends instructions to the Media Changer (MC) that services the Mover's assigned drive in order to get the proper volume mounted.
a special StaticMesh that can move during game play
A person or thing that imparts motion, or causes change of place; a motor.
A proposer; one who offers a proposition, or recommends anything for consideration or adoption; as, the mover of a resolution in a legislative body.
The first person to speak after a motion is called for debate by the conference chairperson. S/he will be a delegate from the branch listed at the bottom of the motion set out in the Booklet of Motions. national executive committee (NEC) The NEC is the governing body of PCS elected annually and responsible for implementing policy decided at national conference and formulating policy between conferences.
One who, or that which, excites, instigates, or causes movement, change, etc.; as, movers of sedition.
workman employed by a moving company; "the movers were very careful with the grand piano"
The company carrying out the move.
One that transports household or office goods from one location to another as an occupation.
A motor carrier engaged in the transportation of household goods and its household goods agents.
the subjects with the greatest percentage increase in buzz score from one day to the next.
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A person or thing that moves, stirs, or changes place.
a particular professional so always try to only pack things this are replaceable
an object like a door or elevator that is a part of the world, but is separate from the level geometry
A laborer who is trained in the art and techniques of office moving.
a particular type of Actor that can move around the map in response to events
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a control that allows a user to select a list of items from a list of choices
a company that moves the possessions of a family or business from one site to another
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someone who moves