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a clear sectarian statement to all Protestants, stay away, the singing of the Soldiers song and flying of the tricolor should only be flown when hosting a South of Ireland team or in the Republic of Ireland
An event is a race or series of races for a certain stroke or distance. An example would be: Event #12, Men 10 and Under 50 Fly. The number of events you enter is up to you, with your coachs advice of course. The maximum number of individual events you can enter per day is indicated on the meet information.
An Event is a single day sports competition or activity that involves athletes and their coaches gathering in one location with the primary aim of participating in a specific sports competition or activity.
Our events are vasty different from Medieval or Rennasiance fairs. Our events are not choreographed shows designed to entertain the public and sell souveniors. They are highly interactive and immersive experiences without "spectators". Though we dont expect too much from complete "newbies", everyone who attends is part of the "action". The typical event revolves around a peiod feast and some sort of ceremony to mark the Holiday. Other activities such as combat, games, story telling, and music are fairly typical of events as well.
An event is a set of actions that can occur when an application is running - e.g., clicking the mouse or pressing a key. To the top
arranged in a sequence tell a logical story. In sequencing, events are ordered by time from earliest to latest action, from first moment to last moment, and so on. Sequences tell stories of two types, linear and cyclical. Linear sequences tell us about the growth and decay of a plant or animal, the motion of an object, and the cause and effect of an event. Cyclical sequences tell us about recurring events such as the water cycle, the passing of seasons, or the phases of the moon.
CES - Consumer Electronics Expo - COMputer Digital EXpo - CONFERENCE & EXPO America's 21st Century Information Technology Conference & Expo - in Las Vegas, November, Computer Digital Expo is the next generation technology event replacing Comdex that will encompass computers, portable devices, hosted services, pervasive access and the rapid changes they are undergoing. Visit today for the latest updates and announcements. CTIA - Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association ( CTIA ) Representing its members with policy makers in the Executive Branch, in the Federal Communications Commission and in Congress. - PalmSource Mobile Summit and Developers Conference is held annually in San Jose CA and Munich, Germany - PUGapalooza is an occasional San Francisco Bay Area regional Palm User Group meeting sponsored and hosted by Palm, Inc.
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This section is for posting upcoming events that might be of interest to other Ponderfodder users. Examples include: The date that Mars and Earth will be closest The date of a widely anticipated book launch The dates and location of an upcoming academic conference The deadline for submissions to a journal The date, time and location of a lecture or presentation As you can see Ponderfodder encourages the inclusion of local, regional, national, international and even universal events.
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An Event, in simulation terms is when something happens. For example, starting work on a new job is an event, stopping work is an event, but actually doing the job is not. The Event is the start or stop element only, not what comes in between. It could be said that an event occurs when there is a change of state in one of the elements that make up the model.
What events are happening. See Calendar
Gate moves in and out of terminals, depots and other facilities, plus other measurable occurrences that happen as a container travels along the transport chain. The IAS Hub captures and organizes an unprecedented number of such events and makes them visible to ocean carriers and their nominated customer and vendor network through the IAS Event Manager.
Data structures that contain notification of certain conditions or state changes sent from the hardware or service to the application program. All events are represented as a C data structure. The structure informs the application what event occurred and provides additional information specific to the event. An indication that playing a message is done is a typical event.
In CT Access, data structures that contain notification of certain conditions or state changes. Events can be sent from the hardware or from another software module to the application program. All events are represented as C data structures. The event structure contains information about the specific event, including a timestamp, associated CTA context, specific data, error codes, or reason codes. For example, when a voice play operation completes, a completion event is returned to the application.
A message record of VirtualCenter activities. Through the Navigation option all the events are displayed. Through an object specific panel, only events relative to that object are displayed.
These are network activities. Some activities are direct attacks on your system, while others might be depending on the circumstances. Therefore, any activity, regardless of severity is called an event. An event may or may not be a direct attack on your system.
Describes several causes of travel disruption including collisions, vehicle breakdowns, weather, or other unusual activities that cause traffic demand to sharply increase.
Add a new dimension to ordinary television programmes. Suddenly you're right there in the stands at a football match or in the front row of your favourite concert.
Events are asynchronous communication between applications and the OpenCable system on which they are being executed. They provide communication between solution elements. An event may also refer to a unit of programming, such as a movie, an episode of a television show, a newscast or a sports game.
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The 4 women's events in gymnastics are Floor, Uneven Bars, Beam and Vault. The 6 men's events are Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and High Bar.
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An individual poker tourney.
Playing the game in a full role-playing environment. Usually involves a plot and always involves a chance for character interaction.
Event links could provide an index of the major plot points in a particular narrative.
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a sad state of affairs
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In NewPlanner, these are items like special dates, weekly meetings, important appointments, etc.
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School or class events listed on the class page that you want your students to know about
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Detailed description
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