Definitions for "happening"
something that happens; an occurrence; an event.
An event that is particularly interesting, noteworthy, or important.
An artistic or entertainment event that is unconventional, sometimes discontinuous, designed to evoke strong emotions, and sometimes involving participation by the audience.
a powerful invention, it destroys at one blow many deadly forms, like the dreariness of theatre buildings, and the charmless trappings of curtain, usherette, cloakroom, programme, bar
Keywords:  motto, timeframe, forum, thread, url
a url to a forum, a timeframe to post and how the thread name is where you should post in that timeframe and a motto for what you should post
a deviation from the foreseeable, expected, predictable outcome
Keywords:  encounter, christ
an encounter with Christ
Keywords:  parade, still, taking, place
taking place; "the parade is still happening"
Keywords:  lifetime, experience, once
a once-in-a-lifetime experience