Definitions for "Reframing"
ability to redefine a situation in order to consider it from many perspectives.
Using the imagination to imagine a different outcome of a past event, such as combining Gestalt therapy with regression therapy to facilitate release; also used in NLP with guided imagery
Looking at a situation or problem in a different way, or from a different point of view, often using multiple perspectives. For example, consider what's missing instaad of what's there, or ask "How would a Martian visitor describe this problem to a friend back home on Mars?" As people often can't see their own viewpoints - particularly in an organization they're immersed in - it helps to bring in an outsider, perhaps even a Martian. See also framing and episteme.
Keywords:  onscreen, tilt, pan, figures, centered
Short panning or tilting movements to adjust for the figures' movements, keeping them onscreen or centered.
Using short pan or tilt movements of the camera to keep figures onscreen or centered.