Definitions for "centered"
Art or type that's aligned symmetrically, sharing a common midpoint.
show HIDE Type alignment around an imaginary center line.
Aligned along a center axis.
being or placed in the center.
To find the calm, unemotional, quiet place within your being where you are safe and free to be yourself.
Keywords:  sheehan, divine, touch, presence, group
Condition of an individual or group in touch with the divine presence. (Sheehan)
concentrated on or clustered around a central point or purpose.
(a) the point around which a circle or sphere is described; (b) the source from which something originates; (c) coming from our essence, our truth, our authenticity
(central) consciousness a limited third-person point of view, one tied to a single character throughout the story; this character often reveals his or her inner thoughts but is unable to read the thoughts of others.
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Text set so as to distribute residual space on the line equally to the right and left.
Text placed at an equal distance from the left and right margins. Headlines are often centered. It is generally not good to mix centered text with flush left or flush right text.