Definitions for "Uneven"
The term refers either to tea leaf composed of uneven pieces or to infused leaf that contains red, green and black colors due to uneven withering, fermentation, or rolling.
'Uneven' pieces of leaf particles indicating poor sorting and resulting in a tea not true to a particular grade.
Term used to describe tea leaf composed of irregular shaped pieces indicating bad sorting. When applied to the infused leaf the term means that it contains mixed red, green and black colours resulting from uneven withering, fermentation or rolling.
(of a contest or contestants) not fairly matched as opponents; "vaudeville...waged an uneven battle against the church"
Keywords:  divisible, remainder, odd, two, numbers
Not divisible by two without a remainder; odd; -- said of numbers; as, 3, 7, and 11 are uneven numbers.
Keywords:  gradations, leaves, color
Leaves with gradations of color.
Keywords:  uniform, ground, rough, even, road
Not even; not level; not uniform; rough; as, an uneven road or way; uneven ground.
not even or uniform as e.g. in shape or texture; "an uneven color"; "uneven ground"; "uneven margins"; "wood with an uneven grain"
Keywords:  inconsistent, quality
inconsistent in quality
Keywords:  length, equal
Not equal; not of equal length.