Definitions for "Shortcut"
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A pointer that you can use to quickly access any object, such as a folder, application or file. It's represented by an icon, and is a link to the object, which remains in its original location. To change the picture which represents the shortcut, right-click on it, click on Properties, and then Change Icon.
In Windows 95, an icon that provides fast access to a program.
a method of avoiding using menus, which usually involves double clicks on the mouse or keyboard strokes.
a Shortcut is another name for a Macro (it is also another name for an Alias but that is a different context to the normal Keyboard Maestro Macro context).
An object you create and use to perform a task or access a resource more quickly than usual. This is comparable to an "alias" on a Macintosh.
Microsoft Corporation's term for a symbolic link. On the Macintosh, Apple Corporation refers to a symbolic link as an alias.
A generic term that refers to an action or technique that invokes a particular command or performs an operation with less interaction than the usual method.
a character ( aChar ) that the user can type, in combination with the Command key and possibly one or more other modifiers to issue an instruction to the application
a combination of keys, pressed simultaneously, that invokes a particular command
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shouting shovelware
a predefined backup plan for a specific application
a set of planets and a calculation that you can predefine and that will execute on the click of a single button
General term for a mouse gesture that simplifies filling out a dialog box. For example: As a shortcut, double-click an item in the Filename list box to select it and choose OK in one action.
As URLs can get quite unwieldy, a shortcut URL can be set up and pointed at the address where the site actually lives. For example is a shortcut and will actually take users to These are useful particularly for references in other media.
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U: Headbanger is a classic
A user-defined word that can be understood by MSN Search Toolbar as shorthand for a location on your computer or on the Web.
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Shotgun Microphone Shuffle Mode
an NBMA level call (VC) directly connecting two IP endpoints that are logically separated by one or more routers at the IP level
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Graffiti 2 stroke combination, beginning with the ShortCut stroke and followed by other standard Graffiti 2 characters, that lets you quickly enter words or phrases into a Palm device without entering the entire word or phrase (ShortCut stroke + USA = United States).
Shortcut is a Swedish-language magazine and meeting place centred on work and lifestyle.
Frequently used information resource, e.g. bibliography, catalogue, database or e-Journal
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a route shorter than the usual one