Definitions for "Function Keys"
Located at the top of the keyboard, pressing these keys performs special functions or gives a shortcut for a process.
These are the so-called F Keys which form the top row of your keyboard. The function keys perfom standardized, oft-used functions with a single keystroke. They are sometimes used in combination with other keys, particularly the "Control" key.
Function keys are specific keystrokes or keystroke combinations that are equivalent to a selection on a menu. For example, at your institution, pressing F7 might be equivalent to selecting Enter Query. To find the keyboard equivalents at your institution, click the Show Keys button on the toolbar or select Show Keys from the Help pull-down menu.
a set of programmable buttons on a desk top station which invoke a system supplied function or activity. (i.e. Reject, Complete, Create Canned Report, H&P work type demographic entry, etc...)