Definitions for "User interface"
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The interface between the user and the program. See also command line interface (CLI), graphical user interface (GUI), user.
The term used to describe the graphical system the user will interact with. V, W, X WAP Web Standards Wireframe WML XHTML XHTML-MP
The part of the system software that communicates with the user.
The way a computer application communicates with you.
A common dialog box that lets the user connect to a smart card and use it in an application. Using the dialog box, the user can specify a specific card or search for the smart card to open.
The medium through which users communicate with their workstations or with an application.
The method by which a user gives instructions to a computer and receives a response. Vacuum Frame: In platemaking and composite film making, a vacuum device for holding stripped materials in exact position while making close contact to a photosensitive material (film or plate) prior to and during exposure.
How your program goes about getting data from the user and sending information to the user. Text is a popular method, but other methods are good too, for example sound or finger pricking.
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The way a receiver conveys information to the person using it. The controls and displays.
A display panel; The way a receiver conveys information (to the individual using the device); The controls or displays.
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The physical features and reading tools provided by a book or hypertext browser.
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a kind of language
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Also called the ‘front end’ of a system, this is the part which the user gets to see and use.