Definitions for "SMIT "
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Smit is an ARP-level transproxy/sniffer, capable of relaying local traffic even in switched environment. The source is based on the arprelay and arpmitm tools, but offers a nice command line interface and option of saving raw packets into a file. It includes some tricky techniques for ARP-cache consistence.
See System Management Interface Tool (page ***).
System Management Interface Tool. A set of menu-driven services that facilitates the performance of such system tasks as software installation and configuration, device configuration and management, problem determination, and storage management. SMIT is provided in both a character-based curses interface and an AIXwindows-based graphical user interface.
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imp. & p. p. of Smite.
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a fraud, and a Howard Eskin wanna be
SMIT assists in image analysis of 3D datasets. It supports image registration, image segmentation, 3D ROI analysis, and least square fitting. Its powerful OpenGL engine displays your data fast and accurately. Enjoy!
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3d. pers. sing. pres. of Smite.