Definitions for "MMC"
Medical Management Committee
Microsoft Management Console. A Microsoft Windows-based multiple document interface (MDI) application. Developers can extend the console by writing MMC snap-ins that perform management tasks.
Ms Management Console
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Multipoint Mixing Controller. A conferencing device for mixing media streams of multiple connections.
MultiMedia Card, a flash memory card used in some digicams and MP3 players. It is identical in size and shape to the Secure Digital (SD) flash cards.
Short for Multi Media Card
Mitsubishi Motors Corp
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
Migrating myoelectric complex. Pattern of motor activity in small intestine, consisting of irregular then regular contractions travelling down the intestine.
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A group of MIDI messages used to control recorder operations such as Play, Stop, and Record.
MIDI Machine Control. MME Mnemonics
MIDI Machine Control. A variation of the MIDI language designed for controlling mechanical equipment (eg Tape Players).
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MMCmobile MMDS
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Mizuho Mileage Club
Metal Matrix Composite. Any of a number of alloys used to produce either a golf club head or a shaft.
Metal Matrix Composite: FRM(Fiber Reinforced Metal)
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Marsh & McLennan Cos
Modernising Medical Careers – document published by the four UK health departments detailing changes to the pre-registration and senior house officer grades.
Mackenzie Medical Centre
Modern Methods of Construction
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Macquarie Mortgage Choice
MAXIMUM MATERIAL CONDITION. This is the condition where a feature of size contains the maximum amount of material within the stated limits of size. For example, minimum internal thread size or maximum external thread size.
maximum material condition. A tolerancing term defining the condition of a part when it contains the most amount of material. The MMC of an external feature, such as a shaft, is the upper limit. The MMC of an internal feature, such as a hole, is the lower limit.
(n) See maximum material condition.
Master of Arts in Ministry for a Multicultural Church
Joint Military Commission
See Monopolies and Mergers Commission.
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Available in 64Mb & 128Mb
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Money Market Corporation