Definitions for "Video Card"
Keywords:  motherboard, pci, agp, isa, expansion
A circuit board that is usually mounted inside the computer that generates signals necessary to drive, or control a specific type of monitor.
The adaptor card is inserted into your motherboard via a PCI, ISA, or VESA slot. It usually has a monitor hookup, and it handles nearly all graphical work done by the computer.
Another name for a graphics card, see Graphics card.
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a whole different matter IMO, since you never see the underside of it anyway
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a once a year or so investment, spending big on dinners will be quite dear too
Keywords:  adapter, see
see video adapter.
a highly specialized piece of equipment
Keywords:  device, output, physical
a physical device
a video output device
a memory with some surrounding electronics
Keywords:  controller, see
See video controller.