Definitions for "AMR"
Adaptive Mesh Refinement (shell 'Options' menu); for 2D problems with mesh triangulation; the mesh will be refined/derefined during computation.
Audio Modem Riser: an Intel specification that defines a new architecture for the design of motherboards. AMR allows manufacturers create motherboards without analogue I/O functions. Instead, these functions are placed on a separate card which plugs in perpendicular to the motherboard so that the motherboard and "riser" card form a right angle.
Adaptive Multi-Rate. An audio coder/decoder.
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Derivatives and connotations of the root word include following meanings : order, command, instruction, directive, direction, dictate, imperative, mandate, behest, bidding, injunction, power, authority, warrant, writ, authorization, decree, edict, ordinance, act, matter, affair, concern, business, question, issue, problem, case, condition, state, situation, position, thing, something, imperative, delivery order, search warrant, writ of execution, subpoena, summons, judicial writ, fait accompli, accomplished fact Animatism - the belief that life, power and feeling are all-pervading , even in the physical environment . Animism more strictly defined has reference to belief only in personal powers.
Advanced Meat Recovery. Product derived from AMR systems is defined as “meat.” AMR is a process that uses machinery to separate edible meat from bones by scraping, shaving, or pressing the meat from the bone. AMR machinery is not permitted to break, grind, crush, or pulverize bones to separate meat, and bones must emerge intact and in natural physical conformation. Meat produced using this method is comparable in appearance, texture, and composition to meat trimmings and similar meat products derived by hand trimming of bones. Product derived from AMR systems cannot contain spinal cord tissue. FSIS verifies that establishments using AMR systems do not incorporate spinal cord tissue into the products as a consequence of the pressure used to force meat tissue from the bone. Questionable products may be sampled by FSIS for analytical testing for the presence of spinal cord.
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Annual Monitoring Report. A report on how the Council is performing in terms of the LDF. Includes review of the LDS timetable and monitoring of success of DPD policies.
Annual Monitoring Report. A report submitted to the government by local planning authorities or regional planning bodies assessing progress with and the effectiveness of a Local Development Framework.
Anisotropy of Magneto- Resistance
Anti-Material Rifle. A very large rifle firing specially-designed ammunition which is designed to be used against targets that would be hard to destroy with conventional small arms fire. Steyr manufactures one notable anti-material rifle.
Accident Medical Reimbursement
American Medical Response
A computer system for storing, managing, and retrieving electronic patient health information in the outpatient setting. In the inpatient setting, it is often referred to as an electronic medical record (EMR).
Automated Meter Reading.
The remote collection of consumption data from customers' utility meters using telephony, radio frequency, power-line and satellite communications technologies.
Automatic Meter Reading
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Atlantic Missile Range
Is a ringtone format very small and offers telephone like quality. Ideal for phones with a slow connection speed
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Amr (Arabic: عمرو) is an Arabic name.
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Absolute minimum radius
See Advanced Material Release
Advertising and Market Research
Advanced Manufacturing Research
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WHO Region of the Americas
Appropriate Management Response