Definitions for "DDC"
Dewey Decimal Classification. library classification system which divides knowledge into ten main classes (numbered 000-999); named for its inventor, Melvil Dewey, and its use of decimals as necessary for subdivisions. DDC is used in most school and public libraries.
Dewey Decimal Classification. The most widely used library classification system in the world, published by OCLC's Forest Press division.
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Display Date Channel. a VESA standard so your monitor can receive information from a video card and vice versa
Digitial Down Converter. The Digital Down Converter (DDC) IP core product is typically used in wireless and wireline communication systems to perform channel access functions in all-digital receivers.
This standard defines I2C-based communication protocol with various levels of complexity which operate over the DDC channel for the purpose of controlling the monitor and optional annex devices. Also, see EDID.
FDA-approved nucleoside analogue reverse transcriptase inhibitor used in the treatment of HIV disease.
(dideoxycytidine) A drug that inhibits HIV through inhibition of reverse transcription.
An antiretroviral drug used against HIV; usually used in conjunction with AZT (formerly called dideoxycytidine). A nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase drug. Brand name Hivid
See Zalcitibine.
Abbreviation for zalcitibine.
Destination Delivery Charge.
Unloading charges at destination port of a steamship line or NVOCC.
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Double Disc Court - Another frisbee event in whice two teams, each with two players are playing with two discs and each team is trying to make the other team drop the disc, or hold two discs together.
Dynamic Document Creation (within JavaScript) DDC is a method of populating web pages with content that is likely to change frequently depending on the environmental conitions of the page.
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Deputy Divisional Commander
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Dual Disorder Counseling
Developmental Disabilities Council
See Direct Department Calling.
Direct Department Calling. Incoming calls on a specific trunk or group of trunks are routed to specific stations or groups of stations.
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Direct Digital Control
Direct Digital Controls
Design & Development Center
Defense Distribution Center
District Development Committee