Definitions for "DVI"
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Digital Video Interactive. Technology that allows real time compression and decompression of graphics and animated displays.
Abbreviation for Digital Visual Interface.
Digital Video Input. A digital video-only connection with a maximum horizontal resolution of 1,600 pixels.
(DeVice Independent file): An intermediate output format created by TeX and related programs when printing from those markup environments.
Device Independent (file name extension)
An acronym for DeVice Independent. This is TeX's native output format. The DVI file that is produced by running TeX will usually then be converted to a format suitable for a specific screen viewer or printer. For example, the dvips program converts a DVI file into a format that can be used by a PostScript printer.
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'應å1/4æ•¸ä1/2è¦–訊 E-EDID - ETI
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De Dei Verbo Incarnato 1984
The NBG code for AV sequential pacing. Pacing occurs in the atrium and ventricle, but sensing occurs only in the ventricle and the response to sensing is inhibition.
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See dust veil index.
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Direct voice input
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Difference Vegetation Index