Definitions for "Digitization"
Professional jargon word for analog to digital conversion.
Digitization means acquiring, converting, storing and providing information in a computer format that is standardized, organized and available on demand from common systems. Digitization of assets can include customer information, marketing communication assets (images, video and audio files), and product information, as well as pricing information, inventory/order status and many other applications.
The process of converting a continuous analog video or audio signal to digital data (ones and zeros) for computer storage.
or digit An unit of data corresponding to one electronic channel's response. For the MINOS detector this is expected to consists of two parts: an ADC value representing the photoelectron count, and a timestamp. As the channels are expected to be self triggering, there needn't be a digit for every channel. The timestamp may consist of more than one part, e.g., the output of a fast clock may be combined with a coarse bucket number to produce a unique time. ( cf. hit and discussion on the structure of digits below).
CMT run-time environment package for the Atlas offline digitization, the simulation of the detector and electronics response; similar to what the TestRelease package is for the full Atlas release. More information is available from the site of the digitization work group. See Also TestRelease.
The combination of a number of electronic enhancements designed to increase information sharing across the battlefield at all echelons. The enhancements functioning together are referred to as digitization
The transfer of video into a non-linear editing (digital) system. Documentary Style: Also called Journalistic Style, this style of videography captures events just as they happen, and generally does attempt to shape a specific story.
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It's like making a photocopy to the computer.
entering spatial data digitally into a Geographic Information System
Process describing the creation of a digital representation of an original object or document.
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The coding of images or sounds as a set of numbers.