Definitions for "Decoding"
the process of sequentially segmenting sounds represented by letters and blending those sounds into words or syllables.
The process of getting meaning from written or spoken symbols.
The process of converting coded data into its original format.
The process of converting an encoded (compressed) bitstream back to its original format.
DVD video is encoded in a format where a large amount of video and audio can be stored in relative small space (also called Compression). The video encoding scheme used is MPEG-2 (Motion Picture Expert Group 2) and the audio encoding scheme used is either MPEG-2, DTS or the more common Dolby Digital AC3 (also known as Dolby Digital 5.1).
The decoding of the human genome is a story that really begins in the nineteenth century with Darwin's studies of heredity and Mendel's peas. (IOCeleraTimeline) Decodificação... apelaram para que tudo que diga respeito a decodificação do genoma humano seja mantido no âmbito público. (POPrGenoma)
In broadcast TV: the transformation of Composite Video into primary color signals (or luminance and color difference signals).
The process by which the transfer syntax representation of a data value is transformed into the local representation of that value.
A decompression technique used for changing a digital signal into an analog signal or into another type of digital signal.
A mental activity in which information is deconstructed into understandable or recognizable parts. An element of reading strategies.
The process that the receiver goes through in absorbing and understanding a message.
A process in which one of a set of reconstructed analog samples is generated from the digital character signal representing a sample.
A process in which the original coded information is reconstructed.
a built-in function of the Astro hardware, part of the modulation scheme
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the activity of making clear or converting from code into plain text; "a secret key or password is required for decryption"
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a relation from a set binary digits to a set of possible states