Definitions for "Digital Media"
Audio and video sources such as audio CD, DV, miniDV, Digital8 camcorders, and DVD that store the audio and video in digital format. As a result, the data can be imported and processed directly by a computer, and copied without any loss from one generation to the next. See also analog media, DV.
A recordable audio/video support that holds a sample of the analog wave. The analog wave is at first transformed in discrete intervals and then into numbers. The A/V quality is much better and lasts longer, even with repeated playback sessions.
a Giclee Print company, specializing in digital photograph color correction and large format Giclee prints for artists and thedesertsun
Digital content for a phone or mobile device, including ringtones, graphics, screensavers and more.
physical objects on which digital information is stored (e.g., magnetic tape, magnetic and optical disks, etc.), or collections of digital objects.