Definitions for "DivX"
Keywords:  codec, mpeg, overhaul, defunct, dvd
A video distribution technology based on MPEG-4 video and MP3 audio for downloading video via the Internet and playing in Windows Media Player.
An alternative but discontinued DVD-Video format from Digital Video Express and Circuit City allowing discs to be rented, then thrown away or kept. By using extra layers of encryption the discs become unplayable after 48 hours, but this could be extended at any time by making a financial transaction via a modem built into the DIVX player. DIVX players will also play normal DVD-Video discs and were launched in the USA in mid 1998. DVD-Video players will not play DIVX discs.
This was supposed to be a standard that would offer competition to DVD movies, and allow people to purchase Divx discs that would only be enabled for a...