Definitions for "AAC"
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Advanced Audio Codec - A lossy compression codec for audio. It is the primary audio encoding method for the MPEG-4 A/V standard and also the format of music sold on the iTunes Music Store. AAC supersedes MP3 and delivers a wider dynamic range and higher resolution at the same bitrate. See also: MP3
A type of digital sound file offering better sound quality than the same size of MP3 file.
dvanced udio oding The follow-up codec to MPeG1 Layer3 (MP3). AAC was developed (just like MP3) by the "Fraunhofer Institut für integrierte Schaltungen". AAC sounds better than MP3 - 96kbps compression are sufficient for good sound quality. Moreover AAC is secure - that is why Liquid Audio makes use of AAC.
Autoclaved aerated concrete. AAC is a structural, insulating building material made of a combination of cement, lime, gypsum, and a siliceous material such as flyash from coal burning utilities. The percentage of flyash use can be as high as 75%. Therefore AAC contributes to the elimination of the flyash disposal problem. Although comparable to concrete in strength , AAC weighs approximately 75% less and can be worked like wood.
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Exceptionally lightweight precast concrete with high thermal qualities and fire resistence. Suitable for cutting with ordinary hand tools. Mix design is composed of portland cement, sand or siliceous material, lime, gypsum, finely powdered aluminum, and water. Initial mix is a combination of portland cement, sand, lime and gypsum to produce a slurry. Finely powdered aluminum mixed into a paste is added prior to placement into large, rail-like forms. The finely powdered aluminum reacts with the alkaline components of the cement and lime to produce hydrogen gas, which increases the volume approximately five times producing a uniformly, dispersed cellular structure. Units are cut to required shape. Units are placed in an autoclave, an enclosed pressurized chamber, and steam cured at 3500 F. Approximately 80% of the ultimate volume consists of air voids.
1. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete.
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Acronym for Alaskan Air Command of the United States Air Force.
Army Air Corps (UK); also: Alaskan Air Command (USAF)
Army Acquisition Corps
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ALLOWABLE ANNUAL CUT. The volume of timber that may be harvested annually from a specific timber tenure.
ALLOWABLE ANNUAL CUT. The allowable rate of timber harvest from a specified area of land. The chief forester sets AACs for timber supply areas (TSAs) and tree farm licences (TFLs) in accordance with Section 8 of the Forest Act.
Annual allowable cut. The volume of timber that may be harvested from a particular area of forest in any one year. From the industrial forestry perspective, the AAC should be set at a level that provides the maximum harvest volume while ensuring that the prospects for future harvests do not deteriorate. When the impact of timber harvest on NWFP is considered, the AAC will be reduced in most cases, in comparison with a situation in which timber production is the sole consideration. This will depend upon the degree to which the timber harvest complements or competes with the production of NWFP, however. Similarly, consideration of the value of the forest's environmental and service functions will tend to reduce the AAC.
Advisory Appointments Committee or Appointments Committee. Committees which appoint Consultants and trainees respectively
Acquisition Advice Code
Area Advisory Committee
See "Augmentative and alternative communication."
Alternative and Augmentative Communication. Communication methods which may be an alternative to speech or augment (help or add to) speech. These may include signing, using visuals, or using computer systems.
This acronym stands for "alternative augmentative communication" or "alternative and augmentative communication." The terms describe both a method of communicating which does not depend on human speech and the communication devices used by people who have speech impairments to generate synthetic speech and/or visual displays. AAC devices may be non-electronic or electronic. Return
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armament accuracy check
Air Armament Center
Academic Affairs Council; Chaired by the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The chief academic officer from each campus is a member.
American Anglican Council, a theologically conservative group within the Episcopal Church.
Arctic Athabaskan Council
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ACCULINK Access Controller. An extremely versatile TI/El multiplexer that provides a flexible, highly functional interface between the customer's equipment and public network voice and data services. Sold and supported exclusively by Lucent Technologies.
Application Authentication Cryptogram
American College of Cardiology
American Adoption Congress.
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Alphanumeric Assisted GPS
Association of Cereal Starch Manufacturers in the EU
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Acceptable ambient concentration
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Associate Analysis Center