Definitions for "JBIG"
Keywords:  lossless, bilevel, itu, fax, experts
jbg An image format developed by the oint i-level mage Experts roup. It is optimized for FAX type images, and has absolutely nothing to do with either JPEG or MPEG in spite of the similarity of names. It is lossless and free viewing programs are available for it for most platforms, but it is not directly recognized by most browsers.
An ITU-T standard data compression method that allows data to be compressed more efficiently than MMR, a conventional compression method. JBIG is especially effective when transmitting halftone image documents. Smaller, compressed data files require less transmission time, saving time and money. (The JBIG module is an option.)
Joint Bi-level Image Experts Group] JBIG is an Image Compression standard that is mainly intended as an improvement of ITU's G3 Fax and G4 Fax recommendations for facsimile transmission. Apart from coding bilevel (ie, black and white) images, JBIG can also be used for coding grayscale and color images with limited numbers of bits per pixel.