Definitions for "MPEG-4"
standard for delivering streaming multimedia content to wireless devices. An example of the technology in action might be the ability to watch movie trailers on your wireless phone.
is a much more ambitious standard and addresses speech and video synthesis, fractal geometry, computer visualization, and an artificial intelligence (AI) approach to reconstructing images. MPEG-4 addresses a standard way for authors to create and define the media objects in a multimedia presentation, how these can be synchronized and related to each other in transmission, and how users are to be able to interact with the media objects.
ISO Moving Pictures Expert Group standard originally intended for low bandwidth applications, but now offering SD and HD video, 2D and 3D graphics and animation, interactivity and scripting.
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MPU-401 ms
Alternative to MPEG-2 that expands MPEG-1 to support Digital Rights Management and 3D content.
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