Definitions for "Codec"
D/A and A/D converter An integrated circuit or other electronic device combining the circuits needed to convert digital signals to and from analogue form - otherwise known as a AD (Analogue to Digital) or DA (Digital to Analogue) converter
An abbreviation for encoder-decoder, a codec is any technology that converts analog video and audio signals into a digital format for transmission and also converts received digital signals back into analog format.
Originally COmpression/DECompression. Now an overall term for the technology used in digital audio and video.
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(2005-11-01) Chris Limb
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Coercivity Coil
a formula that removes data - redundant data,
a broad class of signal processing that first transforms a signal from the original storage method into another to improve the distribution in some way. After distribution, the signal, or in our case data, is transformed back into some semblance of the original. DTV, POTS and MP3 are all household examples of codecs.
a language that the computer needs to comunicate to the opperating system
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No, this is not just a cheap rip-off of Kodak. The name "codec" is short for "...
a media processing unit that accepts a Buffer object as its input, performs some processing on the input data, and then puts the result in an output Buffer object
a single-input, single-output processing component
a timed-media processing unit with one input and one output