Definitions for "Encoding"
A rate enhancement technique in which the user selects a predetermined sequence of items to retrieve a complete word, phrase or sentence. Codes can be based on icons (symbols), alphabet letters, letters and numbers combined ("alphanumeric codes") or numbers alone. A sequence of symbols from the selection set calls up the desired word or phrase (Dowden & Cook, 2002)
the manner and process by which an advertiser selects words and visuals to convey a particular message; the stage of the communications model in which the sender (advertiser) puts the message into language (words, symbols, illustrations) that will stimulate the receiver (prospective buyer) to the action desired by the advertiser. Putting the message into language, via words, symbols, tone, and other elements that make up language the advertiser believes will be understood and will influence the prospective buyer to take the particular action desired by the advertiser. Translating an idea into a message that will convey the intended meaning. See decoding.
a function of with values in , and a decoding is a function of with values in
The process of converting analog electronic signals into digital format for storage, manipulation, and display by a computer. Audio capture boards, scanners, video frame grabbers, or a combination of these devises carry out content encoding.
Transformation of data for storage or transmission, usually in such a way that redundancies are eliminated or complexity is reduced. Most compression is based on one or more encoding methods. Data such as audio or video is encoded for efficient storage or transmission and is decoded for access or display
Converting MP3 files to .WAV or vice versa.
The manner in which information is represented in computer data files. Character encoding refers specifically to the codes used to represent characters. Text encoding refers specifically to the way in which the structural information in text is encoded.
In the banking industry, encoding is the imprinting of MICR characters on cheques, deposits, or other bank documents. It also refers to the magnetized recording of data on the magnetic strip on a bank card.
The correspondence between numerical character codes and the final printable glyphs. For instance, 0x41 is the ASCII code for the letter . Under Unicode/ISO-10646 0x1200 is the encoding of he.
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The process of recording electronic information onto a magnetic stripe
The process of electronically "writing" information on magnetic stripes or smart card chips.
Recording a sound onto magnetic tape through a noise reduction system, so as to reduce background hiss on playback.
Process by which bits are represented by voltages.
The process of turning data into a stream of bits. Encoding is part of the serialization process that converts data into a stream of ones and zeros.
The process by which information is stored in memory.
Process of representing sounds with letters and spoken words with written words
The process of expressing language (i.e., selecting words; formulating them into ideas; producing them through speaking or writing). (See Expressive Language.)(1)
To put something into code, as in expressing language (i.e., selecting words; formulating them into ideas; producing them through speaking or writing).
A technique used with split-and-pool combinatorial synthesis for identification of library compounds. In addition to a library compound, each resin bead carries an encoding compound(s). This is synthesized in parallel to the library compound and designed to be easy to analyse. The structure of the library compound can be deduced by analysis of the encoding compound.
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annotation (+) (*)
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The protocol used to write and read data on the recording media. Also see FM, MFM, RLL.
a representation of information in a certain form, for example a s a sequence of bits
a representation of an image, etc
a representation of objects in the type as objects in another (more concrete) type
a common request actually and we'll support it in the next generation of products
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a reversable method of including content within the RSS file
The process of applying a suitable code to an original message in order to change its form into one which is more advantageous for transmission, storage, reading, etc.
transforms a signal into a form optimized for transmission or storage.
a way of representing a number or expression in terms of another (usually simpler) one
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specify the font encoding
the conversion of information into a form that can be stored in memory. (273)