Definitions for "information processing"
A sequence of cognitive activities whereby information from the social world (data) is combined with the learner's knowledge (theories) to produce an interpretation, or mental representation.
computer-assisted instructional materials contain review sections, paraphrasing, analogies, elaborations, dictionaries, databases, rehearsal to support the learning of students
An approach to learning skills that suggests human learning occurs in a similar way to how computers process information.
The processing of information, especially by computers, including the organization, distribution, and frequently the analysis of data and the presentation of results in easily understood form.
What you call data processing when people are so disgusted with it they won't let it be discussed in their presence.
The process of manipulating electronically encoded information at different levels. Ethiopic code and text processing are forms of information processing.
A general term for the presumed operations whereby the crude raw materials provided by the senses are refashioned into items of knowledge. Among these operations are perceptual organization, comparison with items stored in memory, and so on.
The work of the brain in taking in and making sense of information and often, in expressing it is some way, for example, by writing or speaking.
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In the context of Control Activities and Sec 404, performed to check accuracy, completeness and authorization of transactions. Broadly break down into two groups:- Application controls and general controls.
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The conversion of data into information by sorting in useful ways.