Definitions for "OLAP"
stands for "online analytical processing", a type of application that attempts to facilitate multidimensional (i.e., data that has been aggregated into various categories or "dimensions") analysis. That is, OLAP should help a user synthesize enterprise information through comparative, personalized viewing as well as through analysis of historical and projected data. View records related to this term
On-Line Analytical Processing, originally introduced in 1994 in a paper by E. F. Codd, is a decision support counterpart to On-Line Transaction Processing. OLAP allows users to derive information and business intelligence from Data Warehouse systems by providing tools for querying and analyzing the information in the Warehouse. IN particular, OLAP allows multidimensional views and analysis of the data for decision support processes.
A group of technologies and applications that collect, manage, process, and present multidimensional data for analysis and management purposes. To be effective,...
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