Definitions for "LDM"
Keywords:  disto, leica, hilti, laser, diode
Short for Laser Distance Meter, any of a class of laser based measuring tools such as the Leica Disto or the Hilti Hand Held Range Meter that have generally made measuring tapes obsolete for the purpose of measuring interior space in buildings.
Abbreviation for Laser Diode Module.
Limited distance modem.
The process of identifying and evaluating historical information and defining potential solutions and requirements for long-term usage of that data in a cost effective manner.
(Logical Disk Manager) and LDM Database
This software package developed by Unidata provides an ingestor and data manager that selects and saves data from various meteorological feeds into user selectable data files.
A signal converter which contains and boosts a digital signal so it may be transmitted much further than a standard RS- 232 signal.