Definitions for "Decision Support"
Decision Support (DS) is a customer service unit with a focus on data warehousing, business intelligence, and information management. Decision Support is part of the University Office for Planning and Budgeting. Its responsibilities include managing the Universityâ€(tm)s Data Warehouse, providing data access, helping staff create their own reports, and providing data education and general information about University data and reporting. Decision Support is the unit that manages Business Objects and EDDIE, one of the servers that delivers Standard Reports to users. See About Decision Support for more information. ()
Decision makers through the university need access to useful data resources to assist in their responsibilities. The decision support environment is one in which individuals can "point and click" and not have to know programming languages to gather information from institutional data structures and several pre-processed data sets.
The act of making strategic and tactical decisions by drawing inferences from past, existing and projected states (as compared to making objective decisions such as inventory replenishment) The environment which supports making the above-described decisions (e.g., data warehouses, ad hoc query user interface)
A set of software applications intended to allow users to search vast stores of information for specific reports which are critical for making management decisions.
Automated tools that help clinicians deliver or manage patient care.